Peelife Microdermabrasion
In business since 1987, is a website of YCY Better Health Centre, a busy company, specializing in both wholesale and retail sales of beauty, relaxation and alternative health products, to home consumers as well as professional clinics, spas and practitioners. We pride ourselves on having the most innovative, high quality health devices.

Being situated on the West Coast positions to best serve our extensive US customer base—and all of North America. But we also ship to satisfied customers right around the world.

We ship same-day for orders received on time, next business day otherwise. We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality. We insist upon the highest standards in the products we sell. Our shipments are able to get to you so fast, because we ship from our depot straight to you, using UPS or mail.

Our Feature Products are:
Far Infrared Sauna - the unique portable infrared sauna that replenishes the body's energy and detoxifies.
Chi Health Devices - a newer version of the Original Chi Machine. The Chi Machine and the family of Chi Health Devices are able to swing the feet in a to-and-fro action to enhance the movement of Chi throughout the body.
Steam Sauna - a true steam sauna to pamper yourself in. The portable steam sauna brings luxury and revitalization right into your bedroom
TDP Lamp - an FDA approved infrared lamp which uses a special mineral plate to radiate heat in a range of frequencies that are beneficial for living cells. The benefits of the Special Electromagnetic Spectrum
Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best value, service at real-time speed, and the highest standards in our service as well as our products. Our prices are so affordable because we are the direct North American outlet for our suppliers based in Asia.

Our mission is researching and pioneering innovative health products that we have concluded will bring our customers the greatest satisfaction.
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