Peelife Microdermabrasion
YCY Health Centre is inviting interested distributors to work with us. Our terms are flexible and we welcome partners of all sizes from the large business customer down to the small home entrepreneur. We tell you all you need to know below.
If you are interested in distributing for us, but have no website, or do not want the time and expense of changing your operation, here is a very simple way to profit from distribution of our products. When we assign you a Distributor Code, you can refer customers to, and they can make purchases from the website like any of our retail customers. But for each customer purchase using your Distributor Code, you will automatically be credited with your Distributor Fee as a percentage of the sale.
There are just four easy steps to set up a wholesale account and become a distributor of our products:

Please note that we currently do not accept distributors outside of North America.
For approval as a distributor, you must place a minimum order of US$800.00 or a minimum number of units within the first year.
For an order smaller than that, we will charge the regular retail prices. But we will keep track of your orders, and when you reach the minimum wholesale requirement within that year, we will refund to you the full difference between the wholesale and retail prices.
Please note that, while many of our products are available for wholesale, not all of them are.
Please note that we do not produce or mail out catalogs.
We require Cash or Credit card payment.
For the wholesale prices quoted, note that shipping is an additional cost, and promotional free gifts are not included.
Exchange or return is accepted if products are in re-sellable condition.
Drop ship orders are welcomed. We can handle drop ship orders without any problem.
We do not have a minimum shipping order. All shipping charges are as is. Shipping charges are not included in the wholesale quotations. Choice of shipping is flexible and may include UPS, Fedex or regular postal service. Shipping rates vary according to size of order. Larger orders will have better shipping rates as compared to smaller orders.

Now give some thought to which products you want to distribute, using this website, which is our online catalog.

In setting up your wholesale account, we will need this information about your business:
• Company name and full address.
• Company's Registration Number & Tax ID.
• Company's website address.
• Credit Card Information (photocopy of front and back, with signature).
• Your Order.

Detailed information will allow us to approve you as a product distributor even faster.
Be specific about the items you are interested in. Quotations are based on quantity and order size.
With all the above information you can now complete a Distributor Application Form (below). Once you have submitted a form, we go to work setting you up as a distributor.
  Distributor Application form
Please submit the following information.
Our company excels at giving you service via the internet, so for faster reply and quick results, please use the form below.
Company Name:
Type of business:
State (or Province):
Postal Code:
My interest is in these products (please be as specific as possible)
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