Peelife Microdermabrasion
It is extremely important that you get prior authorization to return any goods. When authorizing, we will advise you of the best method of shipping, to avoid excessive fees and charges which would be borne by you.
Factory defects (or apparent damage in shipping) must be reported to us immediately upon receipt. We cannot accept claims of damage where a reasonable explanation is that it may have occurred after receipt.
All merchandise returned for repair must be in original factory condition, including all packaging materials, inserts and manuals. Warranty does not cover products damaged during shipping. We reserve the right to refuse to repair any such returns.

Before returning any product to us for repair:

  - Fill out the Repair Application Form for a Repair Authorization.
  - Email us to get a Repair Authorization Number.
  - We may provide some trouble-shooting steps to help determine if the product is in need of repair, or if the problem could be solved through correct operating methods, etc.
  - With a repair authorized, return the product as outlined in the Returns Policy, from step 3.
1. Fill out the Repair Application Form (below).
  Submit the Repair Application Form to us to get a Repair Authorization Number.
2. Once you have a Repair Authorization, follow the Returns Policy (link above) from steps 3-6, ensuring that the product is packed properly to prevent damage during shipping. Note item 3 in Returns Policy (ship only by carriers we advise you to use, and in particular do not use Fedex Ground).
Within warranty period -- we will make repairs free of charge except when product has been improperly used or handled (including improper packaging during transport), abused (intentionally or unintentionally) modified or tampered with. The warranty is invalidated for damage by fire, flood, explosion, electrical power failure, or an act of God.
For parts defective due to manufacturer's fault, we cover the cost during the warranty period. Parts damaged by misuse, or after the warranty period has ended, may be replaced at customer's expense. Note that consumable parts and accessories are not covered by warranty.
If a product needs repair within the warranty period, and can be repaired, we will repair it. If it cannot be repaired, we may replace it with a new product. The decision to replace rather than repair, during the warranty period, is at our discretion.

Fill in your order information below:

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Reason for Repair:

No Power (no indicator light)   No LED display
Fuse broken Broken during shipping
Does not heat Will not stop heating
Does not vibrate Not working
Part broken  



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