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All of our needles meet stringent standards of quality set by different jurisdictions around the world. Suzhou Huanqiu Acupuncture Medical Appliance Co. Ltd is one of the original acupuncture needle factories in China. Huan Qiu needles are made of surgical steel, manufactured in sterile conditions, under ISO 9002 requirements and approved by CE, FDA, and the Australian TGA. These needles also have a Canadian Medical Device License (No. 72302). While factory sealed in clean, adequate packaging, these economical needles do not come with fancy packaging or marketing which would add to purchasing cost.

Certification is of utmost importance, since not all needles in the marketplace meet these standards.


We carry acupuncture needles of the strictest health standards at affordable prices, meeting the needs of acupuncturists, who are now among the most popular alternative health practitioners.

For special cases such as metal sensi­tivity, or tendency to muscle spasm, specialized needles should be consid­ered. But for the most part, the responsible practitioner can keep costs down by using our Huan Qiu needles, which meet FDA, CE, and Health Canada Standards...without compromising quality

Huan Qiu Acupuncture Needles  Comparison
Huan Qiu Acupuncture Silver  Needles
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Huan Qiu Acupuncture Needles
USD $2.90 / CAD $2.90
- Stainless steel needle with copper handle
- The most economical choice
- Good for general applications
Huan Qiu Acupuncture Silver  Needles
USD $2.95 / CAD $2.95
- Stainless steel needle with silver-plated coil handle
- Traditional choice for sedation
- Often used in Esoteric or Ear Acupuncture
Huan Qiu Acupuncture Golden Needles
60% off! USD $5.95 CAD $5.95 and Up
- 24K gold-plated stainless steel needle body with gold-plated coil handle
- Traditional choice for tonification
- Preferred in Esoteric or Ear Acupuncture
Huan Qiu Acupuncture Needle Size Chart
  Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture means 'to puncture with a needle'. According to Acupuncture, the body has a network of energy channels in which your energy (or 'chi') flows, each of which is related to a physiological system and organ.

Fine needles, often as thin as a hair, are used to stimulate the energy flow at specific points along these channels, benefitting any system or organ connected with that channel.

Although Acupuncture has grown to be one of the most popular alternative medical treatments for pain relief, some patients have also reported relief of many ailments including Arthritis, Sinusitis, headaches, Colds and flu, stress, fatigue, and allergies.
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