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Turbo Spa
Turbo Spa - Bubble Jet Massager
Gain the benefits of owning a home jacuzzi with the Turbo Jet Air Bubble Spa.
This therapeutic bubble jet massager fits right in your own bathtub and makes it feel like you are basking in a jacuzzi. It creates hundreds of tiny swirling jet bubbles to help relieve tension and soothe sore muscles, aches, and strains.

For safety, the unit comes with an Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ALCI) power pack that keeps the unit from operating under potentially dangerous conditions, such as immersion in water for more than a few seconds. The unit's long power cord plugs into the ALCI power pack, and the power pack's long cord plugs into a wall socket.
Jet water stream massage to massage away stress
Bubble option for joyful comfort
Operates on DC13.5V low voltage from the power pack, safe for the human body
Extra long power line, strong suction cup attachment allows you to put it anywhere on the bathtub
Adjustable spray nozzle to change stream to desired directions
Turbo Spa - Details
Turbo Spa - Details
1. Variable Control - Customize your relief from powerful jet stream to gentle bubbles.
2. ON / OFF - To turn on the turbo SPA press the POWER button.
3. Suction Cups - Keep Turbo SPA securely mounted.
4. Fill Line - Fill the bathtub with water to this minimum fill line
5. Adjustable Jets - Jets adjust in several directions to direct powerful comfort where you need it most.
Place the turbo jet in the tub
Connect adapter to power cord then insert plug into 120V household outlet
Fill the bathtub with water to the line indicated on the unit
Press the "On" button and set the control to the desired setting (jet stream or bubbles)
Turbo Spa - Directions
 Power Input
 AC220V or AC110V (AC adapter  included)
 Output Power
 DC 13.5V
 50 Hz
 70 W
 Width x Length x Height: 105 x 310 x 110mm
 Package Info
 Width x Length x Height: 260 x 360 x 125 mm
 Weight: 3.4lbs / 1.6kg
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