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CY106 Chi Energizer CY106 Chi Energizer
CY106 Chi Energizer
  The Chi Energizer (sold as the Chi Vitalizer* in the USA) is our NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER, a hugely popular machine that is superior to the original Chi Machine in numerous ways. It features a unique elliptical motion pattern that gently moves through the spine. Advanced engineering at a more affordable price. Exclusively ours.  
Chi Energizer CY106
The Comfort – Soft Pad with Synthetic Leather Cover – The CY106 Chi Energizer's ergonomically-designed ankle support (hard plastic base) is generously padded for extra comfort while massaging the ankles, and designed to adapt to different body types.
1. Soft Ankle Pads
2. Ergonomic Ankle Base
3. Shell
4. Ergonomic Control Dial
5. Long-Life Motor
6. Power Switch
7. Handle
8. Solid Metal Bottom
The Support – Heavy Design – The weight of the Chi Energizer is 15 lbs, heavier than the weight of competing brands. Large-bodied people know that lightweight machines, like the Swing Machine, sometimes lack the stability to provide a constant movement for the larger user. This problem is eliminated by the extra weight of the Chi Energizer.
• on/off power switch at lower right
• handle on front of unit for easy carrying
CY106 Chi Energizer Control Panel
The Controls – 4' Cord connects control panel to unit – Giving you ease of operation of the Chi Energizer.
Automatic shu toff: device automatically times itself to 15 minutes' operation. Dial-type control lets you control the speed. Speeds can be set from 90 - 150 rpm.
Strong Direct Current Motor
Test Result: The CY106 Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) will take a 20 kg (44 lb) load and can swing continuously for 3,000 hours. Quieter!
The Flow – Elliptical Movement – The CY106 Chi Energizer introduces the ability to move laterally, with a simultaneous up and down motion, or an "X" exercise (as opposed to simple left / right motion). This gives an extraordinary elliptical movement, ergonomically sound, like a fish moving in the flow of water. The design can naturally accommodate different body shapes and weights of users.

There is a world of confusion on the Internet, with claims and counter-claims, false statements and attempts to mislead you. Some websites claim that their particular Chi Health Device is the only "authentic" one, and that others are "fakes". Whatever the merits of their claims, it is important to let you know that the Chi Energizer CY106 is indeed the authentic Chi Health Device, and in fact, its combination of authenticity, FDA listing status and stable, established company backing up its excellent 2-year warranty (3 years optional), assures you the best value you will find. Apart from the value and confidence you will gain with, consider that:
- The CY106 Chi Energizer is made by the same original factory as the "Chi Vitalizer", and only a trade name issue brings us to market it under a different name.*
- We are proud of our label. Look for it! clearly identifying the Chi Energizer brand for the CY106, with the bold silver Chinese character for "Chi" underneath
- Only the CY106 Chi Energizer has obtained an FDA listing; other websites claiming "authenticity" do not have this.

You can find so many offers, whether authentic or those "fake" Chi Machines, with prices that sometimes look lower than But look what they are doing with shipping costs. Look at what kind of company you may be dealing with. We are confident no other company selling Chi Health devices comes close to ours in after service, support, knowledgable technical staff, diversity of health-care products and availability of parts. That's why we can offer you attractive free gifts that go with your chi device. Or we can offer package buys, with superb products ideally matched to your chi device. That's why our warranty is still the best, and dealing with our company is a pleasure. With confidence we can give the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and the commitment that our warranty and service followup is unbeatable too! No run-arounds or long delays. If you need parts or free technical advice over the life of your chi health device, you can count on us. Even our manuals for use and care are produced to a high standard, in-house, and you don't get that from other companies. To recap, glance to the right, for 8 Great Reasons to buy your device from us.

Of course the Chi Energizer (Chi VItalizer) CY106 is the original!
There is even a claim being made that "imitation" CY106's, not made in Taiwan, are being sold on the market. Well, whether that's true or not, we can assure you we are selling the Taiwanese-made CY106.

And it's so good to know what you are getting!
With there is no "catch", no bait-and-switch, no uncertainty of bidding or waiting for items to be in stock. Our commitment to you is the highest quality, and we deliver!

In today's competitive market, we want to keep our promise of giving unbeatable value! So we make this commitment: we will match any competitor's price. This commitment applies to competitors selling the same product from legitimate retail websites or stores. We reserve the right to make the final qualifying determination.
VOLTAGE (V) 110/220
SPEED CONTROL Variable Speed (90-150 rpm)>
FOOT REST Thick and soft padded ankle cradle and large stable base for better support
CONTROL PANEL 110/Dial Control, 220/LCD Digital
TIMER 15 Minutes
WEIGHT 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
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