Peelife Microdermabrasion
Heat surrounds the body both front and back
Compact Size; Needs Less Space, Most Effective Heating
Temperature:40°C~45°C, Manual Control
Infrared Sauna Dome - DS689 - Details
The Infrared Sauna Dome is a frame-and-fabric equivalent to the rigid FIR Sauna Domes. Featuring close range FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) with temperature control over the whole body, it is an effective High-Tech system designed like those used in beauty salons, spas and weight loss centers.

This Infrared home sauna dome provides a healthy, invigorating, and relaxing experience as an adjunct to weight loss programs without any negative effects on the human body—a welcome addition to the family's health-care equipment.

Sources of heat include a heating bed blanket (floor) and a ceramic heater, controlled by a digital LED control panel. The Infrared Sauna Dome gives an even distribution of thermal heat over the entire blan­ket and throughout the tent in a short period of time.

1. Carrying Bag
2. Sauna Dome Tent
3. Air Pillow
4. Air Pump
5. Ceramic Heater
6. Controller
7. Silver Mat
8. Heating Blanket
The bed blanket incorporates Carbon Fiber FIR heating elements.
The ceramic heater which is included is placed on the floor mat, and heats the tent extremely well in very cold weather.
When it reaches 45 ° C (110° F) inside the tent the FIR materials can emit 95% of energy as heat. It takes only 5 minutes to reach 45 ° C (105° F) constant temperature.
Infrared Sauna Dome DS689 - Controller INFRARED SAUNA DOME DS689 CONTROL PANEL:
1. Assemble the Sauna Dome tent, and plug in.
2. Press power switch to turn on
3. Press "ON/OFF" to start.
4. To set time, press "TIME UP" and "TIME DOWN" from 5 to 30 minutes.
5. Press "BLANKET" to activate blanket heating.
6. To set blanket temperature, press temperature cycle button to choose 40° C~ 45 ° C
7. Press "HEATER" to activate heater.
1. Center the blue Heating Bed Blanket on the Silver Floor Mat.
2. Place the Ceramic Heater on the foot area of the Silver Floor Mat, and place the Control Box outside of the Silver Floor Mat.
3. Remove 4 Screws attached to the underside of the Ceramic Heater and screw heater tightly to the Tent Frame, on the inside of the Tent.
4. Loosen the connecting straps on the Tent, and spread it out completely. Tie the Tent to the Sauna Dome Frame using the ties attached to the Tent. The foot of the Tent (Ceramic Heater end) has a temperature-regulating opening in the tent fabric, while the head end has a curtain for entry/exit of the tent.
5. Pump up the Pillow
Note: The Control Box must remain outside of the Tent.
1. Before use, drink a cup of water.
2. Plug the power cord into electrical outlet.
3. Press the POWER switch once to activate the Portable Far Infrared Sauna Dome. Press "HEATER" to start or stop the heating of the ceramic heater. Press "Blanket" to start or stop the heating of the heating blanket. Use the temperature cycle key to choose the operating temperature of the heating blanket. Use "TIMER" key to set for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Preheat 5-10 minutes first.
4. After lying inside the Portable Far Infrared Sauna Dome, close the curtain to leave head exposed.
Length 200 cm / 80"
Width 92 cm / 36.8"
Height 50 cm / 20"
Weight 7.1 kg / 15.7 lb
Voltage 110V/ 60Hz
Super Conductive Heating 800 watts
Temperature Range 40° C ~ 45° C
Body Blanket Full body waterproof heating blanket
Package Info Width x Length x Height :
52 x 88 x 23 cm / 20.8" x 35.2" x 9.2"
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