Peelife Microdermabrasion
Separate zone controls let you apply thermal infrared waves to 1, 2, 3, or 4 areas of the body, each with its own separate time and temperature controls.
The Infrared Slim Body Wrap System targets the areas of the body where you want to focus your sauna wrap therapy, whether for fitness routines, both weight reduction and muscle toning, for stimulation, soothing warmth, or relaxation and restoration of that energetic feeling. It works great for both men and women!
Effectively warms targeted areas from the Inside Out!
Unlike other wraps, Heat lasts and deepens through the whole session
Therapy for regions of the body that are too cool, or inactive
Concentrate the heat where circulation is poor, fat accumulates
Heat reaches deep into the body tissues for greatest impact
Operates on the same principles and with a very similar design to "Formostar," the German Infrared Wrap system distributed world-wide. Visit the websites and see for yourself— and also check the German scientific study on the effectiveness of regular infrared thermal treatments. That system is widely used in spas and salons, where the charge is usually from $60-80 and up for a one-hour session. To buy the system requires an investment of 10,000 dollars.
This system is affordable enough for you to have one in your own home and benefit from this great space-age technology at the times most convenient to you.
Slim Body Wrap System Formostar
4 separately controlled areas
(upper / lower body X 2 sides)
6 separate controls - thighs (2), hips, stomach or chest, small-area (2)
usually all used at once usually all used at once
all the Benefits of Far Infrared Radiance all the Benefits of Far Infrared Radiance
use anywhere - can be owned and kept at home expensive initial investment - usually used at spas/salons at high hourly rates!

Adjustable wraps, generous sizes to fit most people's target areas.
Flexible Construction: comfortable and safe when wrapped around you whether standing, sitting or reclining.

Select the respective body zones (1-2-3-4).
1, 2 (Legs, Body), 3,4 (Arms).
One or more zones can be targeted in a thermal heating session.

Made of Nylon, covered by a layer of PU (polyurethane) fabric, with heating elements of Space Carbon Fiber. It is a remarkable new carbon-fiber material causing a revolution in the way scientists are thinking about everything from lasers to solar sails.
The PH-2A Infrared Slim Body Wrap System is composed of a control box, 4 thermal blanket wraps, a main power cord and 4 connection leads.
Control Box: adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of the wrap zones.
Thermal Wraps: conduct heating to the body.
Main Power Lead: supplies main power to the control box.
Connection Leads(4): connect the thermal wraps to the control box.
 ON/OFF Switches the system 'ON' or 'OFF'
 Channel Key Selects the respective body zones (1-2-3-4). One or more zones can be operating in a thermal session.
 Temperature Key Press to increase or press to decrease the temperature from 30 °C - 60°, 1 °C for   each time pressed.
 Timer Key Press to increase or press to decrease the time from 5 ~ 95 minutes, 5 minutes for each time pressed.
 Overload Display Overload indicator lights when the power surpasses 300W, and the alarm buzzer will sound.
 Start/Stop Key Press Start/Stop key to start or stop the heating after setting the   temperature and timer.
Input Volts
100V ~120V 60Hz / 220V ~240V 50Hz
Output Volts
Input Power
Made of Nylon, covered by a layer of PU (polyurethane) fabric, with heating elements of Space Carbon Fiber
Control Panel
Manual Control
Heating Zones
Temperature 30°C ~ 60 °C
Separate Heating Zone Controls
Timer 5~95 minutes
Size (1 Size fits all)

Upper body: 2 wraps 50 X 42 cm / 19.5" X 16.5"
Lower body wraps (joined) 112 cm / 44" long with waist opening 120 cm / 46" , tapering to ankles openings 52 cm / 20"; breakaway (Velcro) adjustability along thighs

Net Weight
1 year
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Name Dry Heat Slim Body Wrap System PH-2A
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