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An Infrared Heating body wrap or mat is your own personal sauna device that can soothe and relax, help sweat away inches fast. Ideal for the abdomen, waist, hips, back, buns and thighs.
Whether we call it Far Infrared (FIR) or simply Infrared Heat, these wraps and the body mat all deploy the space-age technology that produces gently penetrating warmth in its purest form (invisible, and controlled by micro-electronic circuitry). When you feel heat from the sun, it is in fact Far Infrared waves.
Our Infrared Slim Body Wrap System even gives functionality very similar to that of the Formostar Body Wrap System, but at a fraction of the cost!
Like the Formostar
Effective warming from the Inside Out!
Heat lasts and deepens through the whole session
Therapy for areas of the body that are too cool
Goes where circulation is poor, fat accumulates
Heat reaches deep into the body tissues where it can be effective
Made of Nylon, covered by a layer of PU fabric, with heating elements of Space Carbon Fiber.  
Full-enclosure wraps, to loosely wrap the body, or fastening like a sleeping bag,
Specialized wraps for specific areas of the body,
They offer from 1 to 4 Heating Zones (independently controlled heating areas). Make one or more of these part of your beauty and fitness routines.
Infrared Sauna Wrap PH-2BII
USD $439 / CAD $439
Heat warms both front and back of body
Temperature: 30°C~60°C, separate controls
Low Voltage DC36V
Width x Length: 180 x 92 cm / 70" x 36 1/4"
Temperature: 30°C~60°C, Manual Control
Infrared Slim Body Wrap System PH2A
Infrared Slim Body Wrap System PH2A
USD $469/ CAD $469
4 Separate Heating Zones for your body
1 size fits all.
Temperature: 30°C~60°C, separate controls
Manual Control ( Time and Temperature )
All the Benefits of Far Infrared Radiance
Use anywhere - can be owned and kept at home
Infrared Sauna Wrap PH-2BIII
Infrared Sauna Wrap PH-2BIII
USD $505 / CAD $505
PROFESSIONAL MODEL, 3 Heating zones.
Low Voltage DC36V
Width x Length: 180 x 92 cm / 70" x 36 1/4"
Manual Control ( Time and Temperature )
Temperature: 30°C~60°C, Manual Control
Use anywhere - can be owned and kept at home
Infrared Sauna Dome DS689
USD $399 / CAD $399
Whole Body Heating Section
Digital Control Box, temp and time control
Realize all the gains of beauty and invigoration of a full-sized sauna in a portable, affordable unit that applies infrared wave intensely, yet stores away neatly.
The normal core body temperature is 36°C-38°C. Excess heat comes from exercise or from a hot environment. The body has two ways to get rid of excess heat:
The heart rate steps up to move blood - and heat - from internal organs to the skin.
Sweating occurs so that sweat can evaporate and cool the body.
To promote sweating, a sauna is really inducing a measured amount of heat stress in the body. Actually, it is at the lower settings on the infrared sauna that the heating levels are enough to make most people start sweating.

The sun is our principal source of infrared heat. As the sun's rays hit the surface of the earth, the heat we perceive is in fact Far Infrared waves. Infrared heat is essential for all life. When you lie on the beach you are soaking up infrared heat. Unfortunately you are also receiving direct damaging ultra-violet rays. FIR heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.
The invisible and very safe Far Infrared heat produced by an Infrared sauna is able to penetrate well below the skin, which enables the body to sweat at air temperatures of 110 - 140 ° F (much lower than conventional saunas). Far Infrared heat can provide topical heating to raise tissue temperature; for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasms; relieving stiffness; and promoting relaxation of muscle tissue.
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