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Infrared Sauna Wrap - PH2BII
Heat applied to both front and back of body
Low Voltage Safe DC36V
Temperature: 30°C~60°C, Manual Control
Home-use model built like Professional Sauna Wrap Systems
Infrared Sauna Wrap - PH2BII
Infrared Sauna Wrap - Details
The Infrared Sauna Wrap PH-2B II is a low-voltage FIR thermal wrap featuring 2 simultan­eously controlled body heating zones. The Infrared Sauna Wrap PH-2BII is sturdy and able to handle heavy home usage. The direct heat from the blanket allows for gentle radiant relaxation of the muscles, and complements body shaping systems. With controlled timer and temperature, this easy-to-clean, portable wrap provides a complete sauna experience without having to breathe in uncomfortable hot air.
Infrared Sauna Wrap - Components
Infrared Sauna Wrap - PH2BII - Control Box
 ON/OFF To switch the system 'ON' or 'OFF'
 Temperature Key (△▽) Press △ to increase or press ▽ to decrease the temperature, 1° C for each time pressed.
 Timer Key (△▽ ) Press △ to increase or press▽ to decrease the time, 5 minutes for each time pressed.
 ‘1’ and ‘2’ Display Connection Indicator lights shine green to indicate heating has begun.
 Overload Display Overload indicator light shines when the power surpasses 150W, and the alarm buzzer will sound.
 Start/Stop Key Start/Stop key starts or stops the heating after setting the  temperature and timer.
1. Lay out the Infrared Sauna Wrap on a flat surface, such as the bed or floor.
2. Wrap your body in the blanket. If a massage or body oil is used, then it is recommended to first wrap the body in a plastic film or sheet to protect the thermal blanket.
3. Put the control box on a flat surface such as a table and insert the plug into the main power socket.
4. Connect the two leads from the control box to the two jacks in the thermal blanket.
5. Turn the main power switch on at the rear of the control box. The red ‘Power’ indicator on the control panel will light. The device has not started working yet.
6. Press the ‘ON/OFF’ key to start setting the temperature and the timer.
7. Press ‘Timer △▽’ to set the working time. At each press of the timer key, the time will increase or decrease by 5 minutes. The default time is 40 minutes.
8. Press ‘Temperature △▽ ’ to set the working temperature. At each press of the key, the temperature will increase or decrease by 1° Centigrade. Set the temperature to your specific requirements. The default temperature is 42°C.
9. Press ‘Start/Stop’ key. The green indicators ‘1’ and ‘2’ will light, showing that heating has started.
10. When the heating timer has counted down to ‘0’, a signal sounds three times and the digital timer displays ‘0’ showing that heating has finished.
11. After using the Infrared Sauna Wrap, pull the plug out from power source.
12. If at any time you need to stop the session, just press the ‘Start/Stop’ key. When the green indicators go out, the system has stopped working.
13. Wipe the sweat from the surface of the thermal blanket with a wet towel and dry the thermal blanket by laying it flat on a bed or table for more than 1 hour.
14. Fold the blanket and store it in a cool,dry place.
16. If using the Infrared Sauna Wrap more than once in a single day, wipe surface of the thermal blanket as above, and leave an interval between sessions of at least 1/2 hour, preferably 1 hour.
Suggested Use:
1. When the room temperature is lower than 20 °C, you may preheat the blanket for 10 minutes prior to use.
2. It is suggested that you be well hydrated by drinking a glass of water prior to using.
Model No.
Input Volts
100V ~120V 60Hz / 220V ~240V 50Hz
Output Volts
Made of Nylon, covered by a layer of PU (polyurethane) fabric, with Space Carbon Fiber
Input Power
150W (Max.)
Control Panel
Manual Control
Heating Zones
2 (2 connections controlled simultaneously)
30°C ~ 60 °C / 86°F~140°F
Separate Heating Zone Control
5~95 minutes
180 x 92 cm / 70" x 36 1/4"
 Net Weight
1 year
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Name Dry Heat Sauna Wrap PH-2BII 110V
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