Peelife Microdermabrasion
- Gives the head and neck needed support, in full comfort
- Sustains the upper spine in its normal curvature
- Portability, low weight, can go with you anywhere
- Gradual release of traction pressure
Neck Traction -  Pro 5 and Pro 7
Model: NeckSoft Pro-5
Material: Rubber
Weight: 590G
Traction Force: 0-50kg
Rises to Max. Ht: 14cm / 5.5 in.
Model: NeckSoft Pro-7
Material: Rubber
Weight: 870G
Traction Force: 0-70kg
Rises to Max. Ht: 20cm / 7.9 in.

We can suggest a more convenient way to deal with most neck problems: the NeckSoft Pro-7 (or the Pro-5), an air-pressurized neck-traction product that enables you to care for yourself anywhere life takes you. It is a popular air-operated device for neck traction, made of lightweight pliable rubber with soft cloth contact areas at the top and bottom. It is fully portable and easy for on-the-go people to take with them. By means of its several built-in air chambers, the Air Neck Traction NeckSoft Pro-7 (or Pro-5) produces a powerful yet gentle, gradual traction that is evenly distributed. It is remarkably good for older or arthritic people.

Your imagination is the only limit to where you could take the portable NeckSoft Neck Traction System. You will not need to assemble it or add anything -- uses no electricity. A design so ultimately simple makes it ideal for using where you live, or where you work. No more waiting until you get back home to obtain relief, or lying on the floor at work in order to use it, as you would with another product.

The NeckSoft Pro-7 Neck Traction system is indicated for muscle tension and tightness, neck pain, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves, tension headaches, swollen discs, supporting the neck in correct alignment, and for degenerative discs or joints. Consult a medical professional in the case of preexisting conditions.

Neck Traction NeckSoft Pro-5/7

1. Multi - layer Air Chamber
2. Lining for Jaw

3. Tube
4. Blocker (Valve)
5. Inflation Bulb Screw
6.Inflation Bulb

Neck Traction NeckSoft Pro 5/7 Directions
Neck Traction NeckSoft Pro 5/7 Directions
Simply place the NeckSoft Pro-7 Neck Traction around your neck and Velcro it together in the back (after ensuring correct fit and position).
Squeeze the inflation bulb until you begin feeling the desired amount of stretch/relief.
Start with a gentle stretch for 1-2 minutes at first. Gradually increase as your neck becomes more flexible.
Slowly open the air release valve to release the pressure. Then remove the device. Doing a few gentle neck stretches adds further benefit to your session.
4. Use at your own convenience while Watching TV, working on computers, reading, traveling, reclining or relaxing, etc.
1. Place NeckSoft around neck, adjust to appropriate circumference and fasten the nylon strap in front.
Close the inflation bulb screw before pumping.
Adjust the circumference of lower chambers, and traction angle, as comfort dictates or as prescribed by your doctor.
Hand pump until your neck is resting comfortably. After pumping, adjust the blocker valve to prevent the air from leaking out via the tube .
The device may be used 20-30 minutes for medium and minor traction, and 1-3 minutes for major traction.
Begin gently with medium and minor traction, then move on to major traction if comfortable. Treatment should occur 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days.
Only use as prescribed by your doctor if applying to serious injury.
After treatment, push back the blocker first, releasing air as gradually as possible by slowly turning the inflation bulb screw. Do not squeeze the device.
"Using the Air Neck Traction is so easy, my doctor used to recommend troublesome door exercises and machines but the simple hand pump is very convenient, not to mention my bad neck now doesn't feel half so bad!"
— Matthew Nelson, Seattle, Washington

"I purchased your NeckSoft neck collar in hopes that my mother would begin to take care of her chronic neck problems, it has really reduced her stiffness and pain, putting her mind at ease - your machine is a wonder."
— Laura McCann, Belfast, Ireland

"Even a year after a serious car accident, I spent countless sleepless nights awake due to the agonizing aftereffects of whiplash in my neck and shoulder areas. However, a constant treatment of your Air Neck Traction in conjunction with therapy has me confidently on the road to recovery."
— James Byrne, Austin, Texas

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