Peelife Microdermabrasion
- FDA Listed - Listed as an orthopedic device with the US FDA.
- Sustains the upper spine in its normal curvature
- Portability, low weight, can go with you anywhere
- Gradual release of traction pressure
Neck Traction NeckSoft Mag 3
Model: NeckSoft 3-Layer
Material: Latex, Velour
Rises to Max. Ht.: 21cm / 8.3 in.
Neck Traction NeckSoft Mag 4
Model: NeckSoft 4-Layer
Material: Latex, Velour
Rises to Max. Ht.: 27cm / 10.6 in.

The Necksoft Negative Pressure Leisure is among the higher quality models on the market, with a beautiful microfiber cover­ing on the top and bottom layers, and a reliable air-tight inner resin lining that withstands high pressure. But of course, no claim of quality rings as true as the Necksoft’s FDA approval and full one year warranty.

The Necksoft Negative Pressure Leisure is available in 2 models: Our regular, 3-layer model provides sufficient traction pressure for small to average necks, and our 4-layer model is suitable for taller persons (inflates up to 27cm).

Applying magnets to strategic locations on the body—or the “Meridians” of flowing “Chi” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine - is found by many people to be an effective alternative treatment. Completely harmless and without side effects, Magnetic Therapy has been used by large numbers of people in many eras and cultures. Many of our customers and their caregivers consider the magnets in the 3-Layer and 4-Layer to provide pain relief and even speed healing of injuries

Cupping Therapy, or Massage Suction Cupping, is a practice with ancient roots. In all forms of Suction Cupping Therapy, a vacuum is created, be it through a modern pump, or traditional combustion. When the vacuum in the cup is applied to the skin, it sucks the soft tissue with negative pressure, resulting in a powerful and stimulating massage-like sensation. The suction works to relax stiff muscles and tissue, and for overall promotion of well-being.
1. Air Chambers
2. Velcro Fasteners
3. Main Ball Valve
4. Release Screw Valve
5. Hand Pump
6. Magnets
7. Silicone Cup x 2
3.3 cm/1.3" (inner diameter)
Neck Traction Leisure - Features
Neck Traction Leisure - Features

Needless to say, length of neck and strength of traction desired, play a role in choosing.
All air traction units deliver a range of traction force, as well as a range of traction height (from the collarbone to the jawline). So your personal preference will play a part in choosing the unit that is right for you.

Most users, including the smallest, will find the 3-Layer gives them enough lift. For many, the 3-Layer will give strong neck traction even before it reaches its fully-inflated height. Larger people (whose neck rises higher from collarbone to jawline) will get more lift from a 4-Layer, with the same lifting force. As a rule of thumb, people of 5 feet 10 inches or taller should give consideration to whether they need lift greater than the 3-Layer can give them.

Neck Traction Leisure - Directions
1. Undo Velcro straps, place device around neck (valve to the left), and fasten Velcro
straps at the front. First-time users should put it on in front of a mirror.
2. Close the inflation/deflation valve by turning clockwise.
3. Hand-pump until you achieve the right traction angle and right amount of stretch/
relief, according to comfort or as prescribed by your doctor. If you require more
pressure on one side (left/right), pull the opposite side (left/right) of the bottom air
chamber partially away from your neck, ensuring you have separated the Velcro patch connecting the bottom chamber to the chamber above it.
4. Begin gently with minor and medium traction 1-2 times a day, then move on to major
traction if comfortable. Although the NeckSoft 3-Layer and 4-Layer can be used while lying
down, for maximum results use while sitting (including while watching TV, working
on the computer, traveling, etc.).
The device can be used up to 2-3 times a day for a maximum of 20-30 minutes each time (but only 1-3 minutes for major traction). Although generally one cycle of treatments is 10-20 days, the NeckSoft 3-Layer and 4-Layer can be used for an extended amount of time provided you have consulted your doctor.
5. At the same time, you can use the silicone suction cups along with your neck traction. Use the silicone suction cups for no more than 15 minutes / target area, 1~2 times daily, 10 days / area. (After 10 days, give the area a rest of at least 1-2 days).
Neck Traction Leisure - Neck Cupping Points
1. After using the neck traction, squeeze the silicone suction cups and attach the silicone suction cups on the target areas for ultimate neck pain relief.
2. According to the neck cupping positions above, use the silicone cups up to 15 minutes / target area, 1~2 times daily, 10 days / area. (After 10 days, give the area a rest of at least 1-2 days).
3 It is possible, though extremely rare, that sometimes blisters may appear on the skin where the cup has been attached. It is more common to see reddening appear, which will fade gradually.
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3-Layer (Regular)
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