Peelife Microdermabrasion
FDA Listed TDP Floor Lamp with wheels and Spare Fuse
We are official manufacturers of these TDP heat Lamps, and offer TDP heat lamps
that meet CSA & UL safety certification standards for both the US and Canada.
cq27 applied on shoulder TDP Healing Lamps
- Relieves Pain
- Stimulates Local Blood Circulation

The TDP Lamp has proven almost miraculously effective in treating medical conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, back pain, and other conditions.
The Only Manual Control TDP Lamp that is FDA Approved and meets UL standards.

Quality, Durability in the Support
Hospital-grade stand and arm, consisting of:
- Heavy-duty base, rolls smoothly on 4 casters
- Pole support with control box attached: an on/off power switch and dial timer
- Upper swing arm

Well-Designed Lamp Head
Neck at end of swing arm holds a sturdy wire cage, protecting the socket, ceramic heater and TDP mineral plate (the rough surface containing the special mineral formulation). Head now features an easy-to-connect wire plug.

Easy, universal adjustment
The lamp can be moved to multiple positions and directed at the preferred areas of the body, in several ways:
- rolling the stand on its castors (remains stable and motionless once moved),
- raising / lowering the pole and fixing the height with the sleeve nut,
- adjusting the upper swing arm from vertical to horizontal, with all angles in between,
- tilting the lamp head with its locking nut

The controls
The on/off switch on the control panel is the main power control. The dial timer can set the timing for up to 60 minutes of heat from the lamp, during which time the operating light shines. When operating, the mineral plate emits warmth but does not glow. When the time is up, the operating light goes out and the lamp ceases heating.

The Quality Built In
The wiring, circuitry, and insulation of the TDP Lamp CQ-27 and its controls are to the same high standards as the support. This device has earned international certification, and meets certification standards including UL, CQC, CE, ENIS09001.

We back up this quality engineering with a warranty of your choosing -- 3 months or 1 year.
Spare Parts Inventory
To keep your TDP lamp working reliably for many years into the future.
Mineral Formation Emission Plate is larger in Diameter (for greater coverage).
Manual Dial Timer Control
More Minerals on the Head (With 43 Minerals )
Wide Dispersion Angle Head Configuration
Dial Timer Panel Control.
Long Life Mineral Formation Plate (Up to 2000 Hrs)
Faster Preheating Time.
Heavy duty base with casters
Swing Arm System is Designed with 4 Vacuum Arm Supports.
Can Be Adjusted To Any Position.
Main Power Switch ON/OFF.
Comes with an instructional DVD on TDP Lamps valued at $9.95, a Gua Sha Massage Tool made of Buffalo horn valued at $9.95, and a replacement spare fuse.
 Spectrum Range  2 ~ 25 Microns
 Power Supply  220V or 110V
 Power Consumption  <= 250W
 Dimensions after Assembly Minimum height with arm bent down: 50" / 127 cm
Fully extended height with arm straight up: 70" / 179 cm
Head diameter: 7.5" / 19 cm
Base span: 20" / 50 cm
 Azimuth (Head Rotation)  360°
 Lifetime of Mineral Plate  1500 ~ 2000 hours
 Diameter of Mineral Plate  6.6" / 17 cm
 Dial Timer  Mechanical, 0 to 60 mins.
 Stand  Heavy Duty Base with Swivel Casters
 Gross Weight  19.8 lbs / 9 kg
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