Peelife Microdermabrasion
Breeze Brand TENS electrode products are made with conductive Carbon Fiber wherever it can be used, giving superior conductivity and eliminating “hot spots” of electrical current. Conductive Carbon Fiber is excellent for dispersing current uniformly over the entire electrode surface. Dispersion is also enhanced by pure copper lead wires with dispersive heads. Lead wires are bonded firmly into the electrodes for security and durability. Only the best gels on the makr are used in Breeze TENS electrodes, giving you the maximum reusability and performance you desire.
Get the best there is with Breeze Premium TENS Electrodes. Made with flexible and durable, high quality backings, these electrodes do away with hotspots, while giving maximum single patient reuse and performance.
Single Side Carbon Mesh Self-Adhesive Pads
USD $3.95/ CAD $3.95 ~$UP
lead wire, conductor and backing of electrode are bonded with a glue strong enough to prevent wire being pulled away from the electrode
high quality rehydratable self-adhesive Polymer for many re-uses
Carbon Fiber for high conductivity and pliability to better adjust to body contours where applied.
DrHO's Replacement Gel Pads
Dr. Ho's Replacement Gel Pads
USD $4.50/ CAD $4.50 ~$UP
Double-Sided Replacement Gel Pads for Rubber Pads Only
2011 New Version Dr. Ho's Single Side Replacement Gel Pads
good quality rehydratable self-adhesive for many re-uses
Electrode GarmentsSD610D Plus
Electrode Garments
USD $29.95/ CAD $29.95 ~$UP
Electrode Glove, Elbow Band, Knee Band, and Sock generate mild electrical impulses
Woven with special conductive fibers
A TENS accessory, use with any TENS device
For conditions such as poor peripheral blood circulation, muscle pain and tendon pain
Permanent Rubber Pads
Permanent Rubber Pads
USD $5.50/ CAD $5.50 ~$UP
Designed so TENS lead wires connect directly into preformed carbon rubber, eliminating the need for pre-wired electrodes.
UA4040, UA9050, DrHo's compatible pads, UD6050, UD65, UD45
TENS Lead Wires
TENS Lead Wires
USD $4.50/ CAD $4.50 ~$UP
These (replacement) TENS/EMS lead wires fit most standard devices on the market: Dr. Ho's, UA4040, UA9050, Dr. Ho's, UD6050, UD65, UD45. They have a 'Pin connection that fits into virtually all electrodes on the market, and the end for connecting to the device.
Conductive Gel
Conductive Gel
USD $1.95 / CAD $1.95
TENS Accessory, use with your TENS device.
Water soluble, chloride free, non-staining, non-irritating, greaseless, odorless.
Increases adhesion, extends electrode wearing time. Improves electrode conductivity.
Ear Clips
Ear Clips
USD $7.00 / CAD $7.00
TENS Accessory, use with your TENS device.
Electrode Ear-Clips used for Auricular TENS Electro Acupuncture Stimulation with TENS devices.
Excellent for auricular points health care.
Facial Electrodes
Facial Electrodes
USD $12.95 / CAD $12.95
TENS Accessory, use with your TENS device.
Two-headed conductive probe for facial acu-point massage. Treatment head: conductive carbon-rubber cap over flexible copper.
Lightweight and handy for treatment of crowsfeet, and applying to the bridge of the nose and the cheekbone
Cup n Stim TENS & Cupping
Cup n Stim TENS & Cupping
USD $13.50 / CAD $13.50
TENS Accessory, use with your TENS device.
Combines TENS electrical stimulation and suction cupping therapy
Can be used with all types of connecting wires
Easy to learn and operate, no fire required, no hand pumping, no risk of over-pressurizing.
Can be sterilized in boiling water.
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