Peelife Microdermabrasion
Relieve muscle pain, muscle spasm, muscle tension, improve blood circulation in the local area.
Light and easy for anyone to use
An excellent personal ultrasound Body Massager
1MHz of ultrasound is applied for treating deep areas, reaching to 2-4 cm deep, suitable for regions such as the leg, the hip, the back, etc.
  1 MHz of ultrasound (lower frequency treats larger muscles) is applied to deep tissues, penetrating 3-6 cm deep to alleviate aches and pains in the legs, hip, back, and feet: the all-purpose body massager
  The Ultrasonic Body Massager HS3006 Uses ultrasound effectively to produce microvibration massage, and generates deep heat within body tissues to alleviate distress: pain relief, for muscle spasms, and joint contractures. Its ultrasound emissions are in pulses (not continuous) to deliver the energy more gently, and the Massager has an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes for safety.
Ultrasonic Massager HS3006 - Details
  The UltraSonic Massager emits ultrasound waves at a frequency of a million vibrations per second (1 MHz). This lower frequency treats larger muscles, and is suitable for applying to deep tissues, penetrating 3-6 cm deep to alleviate aches and pains in the legs, hip, and back and feet. Effective in accelerating blood circulation in the local area through production of heat, for sport injury recovery, pain relief, reduction in inflammation and muscular spasms, and increased absorption of analgesics or anti-inflammatories. Ultrasound is often used by Chiropractors and Doctors for treatment of ailments.
Have to use with specially formulated Ultrasound Gel which is needed to provide the best relief, helping to conducting ultrasound waves into the affected regions, because air is a very poor sound conductor

It's like having constant access to ultrasound treatment at your health professional's premises. Light and handy, something you can take with you anywhere, the Ultrasonic Body Massager HS3006 is your personal way to bring professional relief with you, even while on the move. The Ultrasonic Body Massager HS3006 may be covered by insurance plans.
Ultrasound Conductive Gels
Power input  110V/ 60Hz
Voltage  24V DC
Frequency  1MHz
Mode  Pulsed Waves
Treatment area  Probe Diameter: 4cm / 1.5"
Depth of Ultrasonic Radiation  About 3~ 6cm / 1 1/8" ~ 2"
Switch  ON / OFF
Timer setting  10 min. automatic with beep sound (shutoff)
Dimensions  5.5 x 5.2 x 18 cm / 2 1/4 " x 2 1/8 " x 7"
Weight  180 g / 6 oz.
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Name Ultrasonic Massager HS-3006 (24V;150mA)
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