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Powerfit bantamweight vibration massager DS-K01

  • 5 speeds, 5 program modes, timer, memory function, and cushioned back rest.
  • Low-impact body toning, muscle strengthen­ing, helping in the fight against cellulite!
  • Relaxing massage provides soothing pain relief of stiff muscles.

The Power Fit Bantamweight Vibration Massager DS-K01 is a stand-up vibration exerciser and massager. Its vibration motion triggers your muscles’ reflexes and provides a toning workout that is much more effective and less time consuming than many conventional forms of exercise. This affordable device also provides a relaxing massage, effective in soothing tense, sore muscles, or simply for an enhanced sense of vitality and well-being.

vibration massager DS-K01
  • In default mode, the screen displays running time remaining. Timer can be set from 1-15 mins.
  • Speed indicator lights denote current speed, adjustable from levels 1-5.
  • The Auto button is used to enter Auto mode, and the Model button is used to select any of the 5 auto modes, each of which has a unique sequence of changes in speed.

DSK01 Vibration Exerciser Positions

The Bantamweight DS-K01 is good for more than just standing on; following are just a few of the many positions for targetting virtually every part of your body (illustrated at left):


Squat targets quads, glutes, hamstrings, and part of back.


Sitting targets thighs, waist, abs, wrists, and shoulders.


Knealing targets shoulders, pectorals, upper legs.


Hip Raises target glutes, hamstrings, and back.

DS-K01 Specifications
SPEEDS Level 1: 1300rpm, Level 2: 1730rpm, Level 3: 2150rpm, Level 4: 2580rpm, Level 5: 2840rpm
DIMENSIONS Height: 51" / 127cm
Vibration Plate: 18" x 13" x 8" / 45cm x 32cm x 19cm
NET WEIGHT 15 kg / 33 lbs
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Name Power Fit Bantamweight Vibration Massager DS-K01
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