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PowerFit PFM-002 With Straps
The "Power Fit" fitness series are vibration plate devices powered to deliver whole body vibrations, with an action and range of speed like those of the internationally known Power Plate devices, but at a fraction of the cost. The Power Fit Robust Fitness Unit is one of our high value Whole Body Vibration devices.
The POWER FIT MULTI-SPEED ROBUST Unit aims to be part of your total health and fitness program. Its action is engineered to benefit circulation, for muscle and nervous system toning, to stimulate reflex muscle actions, and enhance overall well-being. For a better range of motion, core conditioning and stability, a great adjunct to a weight loss program, or simply for relaxation and stress reduction. Uses the same principles as the exercise machine that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck credits with helping him lose 17 pounds in a program of controlled diet and training (Sports Illustrated, August 13, 2007).
Power Fit Vibration Device PFM002 Details


Power Fit Vibration Device PFM002

With its humanized design and fully adjustable vibration speed range from Level 1 – 50. So easy to operate – and you immediately feel the strength of its components and of its effect on the body. With an operating mode designed for high frequency and lower amplitude, it can alleviate stiffness in walking caused by rheumatism, and uncertain gait due to inactivity and immobility of elderly people. Full-body vibration devices have gained acceptance by all walks of life, from those in professional sports to retired people. Something that benefits family members of all ages.
1. Control Panel
2. Sensor to activate BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculation
3. Pedestal
4. Vibration Plate
5. Base
6. Resistance Arm Bands
A. Power Stop
B. Power Start
C. BMI Calculation Button
D. Timer
E. "UP" Button
F. "DOWN" Button
The Vibration – The Power Fit Robust Multi-speed Fitness Unit has 50 choices of vibration speed, and 3 automatic programs which vary the speed throughout the program. Arm bands can be used to simultaneously work upper and lower body.
The Support – Heavy Design –The weight of the POWER FIT ROBUST MULTI-SPEED Fitness Unit PFM002 is 108 lbs. It provides stablilty and steady movement, particularly for large-bodied people.
The Controller – Precise Design – The Power Fit Robust Multi-speed Fitness Unit has digital displays including BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator, Time (precise to 1 second) , Speed (levels 1-50), and automatic programs (3 auto programs).
On Wheels – Easy to Move – The Power Fit Robust Multi-speed Fitness Unit has 2 wheels mounted on the bottom rear - letting you move it easily from place to place.

Speed Changes During The 3 Auto Modes:

PFM002 Auto Modes

Power Fit Vibration Device PFM002 -Exercises
1. Power Supply
- Connect the power plug of the unit correctly with power socket after checking the voltage.
- Push power switch on.
2. Speed Setting
- Select the speed mode button "Auto", "Low", "Medium", "High"
- "Auto" mode is for the maximum ease of use and optimal timed vibration program. It works automatically by cycling through low speed for 15 seconds, medium speed for 20 seconds and high speed for 10 seconds.
- Vibration speed(1-50) can be controlled by pushing the speed control button "+" or "-".
3. BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculation
- Stand on the vibration plate.
- Press "A" button to select mode "01" , then press "TIME" button to set up "Gender, Age, Height, and Weight", finally, press "TIME" button to confirm these information. The display will show "--".
- Hold 2 holdbar sensors 10 seconds and the BMI result will appear.
FEMALE <17 17-27 >27
MALE <14 14-23 >23
4. Timer
  To adjust the default vibrating time, press the “Timer” button, followed by the “+” or “-” buttons to change the time by 1 minute increments, up to a maximum time of 10 minutes. You can not adjust the time while the device is vibrating.
5. Start/Stop Button
  Press "Start"or "Stop" button to stop or start exercising.
Power Requirement AC110V / 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1.5HP
Motor Power 200W
Speed Range 1-50 Levels
Amplitude 0-10 mm
Frequency 0-18 reps/sec.
User Weight Capability 150 kg / 330 lb
Dimensions 48.5" X 29" X 27 " / 123 x 74 x 70 cm
Weight 49.0 kg / 108 lb
Durability Heavy Duty
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Name Power Fit PFM-002 Vibration Unit / Yoga Mat and Air Cushion
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