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ower Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit PFM006 ower Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit PFM006
The Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit is not only a great adjunct to your weight control program; it brings other health benefits. It is designed based on the theory of the muscles' stretch reflex, inducing intense muscle contractions.
With the ergonomic design and the optionally adjusting vibration speed from Level 1 – 20, making it possible for not only men & women but also children & elderly people to select their ideal vibrating speed, it is easy to operate. You can immediately feel its effectiveness as it helps you on your way to an ideal body shape. Based on the principles of high-frequency & lower amplitude, it will alleviate stiffness in walking caused by rheumatism and unsteady gait due to immobility of an elderly person. Results for those in all walks of life, and all ages in the family.
Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit PFM006

1. Control Panel

2. Remote Control
    (Batteries not included)

3. Vibration Plate (20" D)

The Support – Heavy Design
The weight of the Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit is 77 lbs, excellent for providing stable motion to large-bodied people. Its maximum capacity is 320 lbs.

The Vibration – The Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit has has a choice of 20 vibration speeds.

A. Timer Buttons (0-20 Level) B. LED screen
C. Speed Buttons D. Power Button
E. Auto Program F. Low/ Medium/ High Speed Presets
G. Start (Vibration) H. Stop (Vibration)
Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit - Exercises
Manual Operating Instructions
1. Power Supply
- Put the power plug correctly into the power socket of the machine after checking the voltage.
- Push power switch on.
2. Speed Setting
- Select the speed mode button "Auto", "Low", "Medium", "High"
"Low": 16.5 Hz, "Medium": 20Hz, "High": 22 Hz, default: "Low"
- "Auto" mode is for maximum efficiency of exercising. Program cycles through low speed 15 seconds, medium speed 20 seconds and high speed 10 seconds.
- Exercising speed can be controlled by pushing the speed control button "UP" "DOWN", increasing or decreasing the speed by 0.1 Hz every time you press the speed setting button.
3. Timer
  To set up time, press "Time UP " or "Time DOWN" button to adjust from levels 1 -20.
4. Start/Stop Button
  Press "Start/Stop" button to stop or start exercising.
Automatic Program Instructions
1. Confirm that power supply is correct, plug the device in, and press the Power button.
2. Press the Program Mode button (PRGMODE) to choose from programs P1, P2, P3.
3. Press the START button. The vibration plate will begin to run at the starting speed of the program selected, then cycle through the automatic program selected. Speed cannot be changed while the automatic programs are running. The default time is 10 minutes.
4. Press the STOP button to decelerate and stop the vibration plate. The vibration plate will stop with a “beep” sound.
  Power Fit Middleweight Round Fitness Unit - Automatic Programs
Power Fit Middleweight PFM 006 Specifications:
Power Requirement 90-110V
Power Consumption 200 W
Speed Range 1-20
Amplitude 0-10mm
Rated Frequency 50 -60 Hz
User Weight Capability 145 kg / 320 lb
Dimensions 9¾” x 24” x 24” / 25 x 62 x 62cm
Vibration Plate Diameter: 52 cm / 20"
Net Weight 35.0 kg / 77.0 lb
Durability Heavy Duty
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Name Power Fit Super Middleweight Round PFM-006
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