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Whole Body Vibration Devices
Here you can see The Doctors panel try Whole Body Vibration exercise. Fitness trainer Tracy Effinger explains the benefits of workouts using Whole Body Vibration.
At a fraction of the cost, the "Power Fit" series are powered to deliver whole body vibrations, with an action and range of speed similar to the advanced  
Power Plate devices which are priced at from $2,500 to $9,250 U.S. (You can find a great deal of information on the Power Plate website.) The smaller units focus more action on the feet and lower legs and tend to produce higher-speed vibrations.
Whole Body Vibration was originated by scientists to reverse muscle atrophy for astronauts returning from the Zero-Gravity of space.

Human hands could never produce the massage or muscle action that these devices deliver. Our line of vibration plate devices capture the effectiveness of equipment costing ten times as much.

Whole Body Vibration, or WBV, is the hottest innovation in health and fitness. WBV equipment is being used in top international medical facilities and elite training operations for professional sports and Olympic teams.

Sports professionals and elite athletes value acceleration training, for that extra speed of response making muscle action fast, explosive, as well as strong. A WBV device generates vibrations in the plate base or platform that go directly to the body.

Power Fit Robust Multi-Speed Fitness Unit
Power Fit Robust Multi-Speed Fitness Unit
USD $299.00/ CAD $299.00
48.5" High x 27" Wide, Ultra Circular Motion and Vibration Massager, with resistance arm bands
BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator, Control timer, 3 Auto Programs, Multi-Speed (1~50).
Heavy Duty Rating
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Power Fit Super Middleweight Round with Remote Control (PFM006)
Power Fit Super Middleweight Round (PFM-006)
USD $259.00/ CAD $259.00
Ultra Circular Motion and Vibration Massager
Multi-Speed (1~20 levels), with remote.
Control timer: 0-20 level, 3 Auto Programs
Heavy Duty Rating
POWER FIT Bantamweight Vibration Massager (DS-K01)
POWER FIT Bantamweight Vibration Massager (DS-K01)
USD $199.00/ CAD $199.00
5 speed vibration body massager with timer and memory function
Standing Design, Strong Construction
Quiet, durable and safe unit.
Memory of last settings used and improved range of motion
Comparisons are fair, as long as you have all the facts. In the competitive market for vibration plate devices that has opened up since we introduced the affordable Power Fit series, you sometimes find distorted and negative statements about more moderately priced equipment. Add to that the difficulty of comparing features offered by different models, and a buyer can begin to feel the pressure of making the right choice.
With over 20 years selling health care products, we are pioneer of on-line marketing of products like vibration plate massagers.
We made our reputation standing by all the products we sell.
Unlike most on-line vendors, we back up our products, not just with guarantees and warranties, but a staff of experienced professionals to give after-sales support.
We strongly suggest you take these factors into account in any comparisons you make. We definitely stock whole body vibration equipment located in the mid-range of price, because we believe that most of our customers will use equipment at home or in moderate rotation at smaller spas and salons. Nevertheless we offer a good range of choices .

As a general guide, here are the factors that cluster together on the scale of price and quality of vibration plate devices, from lowest ..... to highest:
- price
- weight
- number of control options
- home use options ... to commercial use options
- certifications
- length of warranty

Our devices tend to follow this scale too, but the foundation for all of them is the solidity and reliability of the company selling them, We only sell what we know to be good products.

Over time, a regimen of de-stressing, regular activity, and attention to health and good circulation, with proper eating and adequate rest, can help you appear dramatically younger in age, remove unwanted pounds, reveal the slim and vital person you are meant to be.
Gentle on Joints, Low Impact Training Trains motor skills for balance
Compact, Convenient, In-home, In-office Range of Motion, Core Conditioning
Accelerates Weight Loss Promotes Healthy Neurometabolism
Improves Muscle Strength by Stimulating Reflexes More Flexibility, including Ligaments and Tendons
Improves Stability Improves Range of Motion
Enhances Rehabilitation Cardio Effects: Works on the Muscles
Reduces Look of Cellulite Relaxation
Stress Reduction Circulation; Improves Lymphatic Drainage
Wellness; Boosts Metabolism Reduces Varicose Veins - Decreased Pressure via Lymph Drainage
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